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Since 1895 our Texas Game Wardens have played a critical role in protecting Texas. They are here to help the citizens of Texas with an integrated team of professionals. From well-trained helicopter pilots to K-9 teams to sonar-equipped dive teams, they risk their lives to protect others..

State game warden career no cakewalk. Shannon Tompkins , Houston Chronicle. Feb. 8, 2014 Updated: Feb. 9, 2014 10:55 a.m. While the job can be dirty and often dangerous - here, Texas game wardens. In 2007, Texas game warden Justin Hurst, 34, was fatally shot with an assault rifle while pursuing a man suspected of illegally hunting from the road. In 2002, Alabama game warden Jimmy Hutto was shot while assisting drug task forces investigating a methamphetamine operation and died weeks later. First, game wardens are police. That means that they’re licensed peace officers in the State of Texas, and, arguably, they are some of the most powerful police in the state. They can inspect, search, seize, and arrest just like a regular police officer. And while most of the time they’re enforcing the Texas Parks & Wildlife Code, they have ....

Texas Game Warden (1970s)This is the original version of the black & white film from the 1970s. Texas game wardens sitting around the campfire swapping stori.

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The Next Normal. Sept 11th. Weather. ... 17 Texas game wardens have lost their lives in the line of duty, five by drowning. ... and was a graduate of the 51st Texas Game Warden Academy in 2005. He.

TEMPLE, Texas Aug 31 2021— A Texas game warden has died from COVID-19 complications at the age of 43, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has confirmed. Sgt. Chris Wilson served Texas "with great purpose, pride, and dedication. With a big smile, a big presence, a big heart, and a big impact, he made our department and our work better," Executive Director Carter Smith said in a tribute.

been presented to a deserving Texas game warden. Wallace graduated from the 41st Texas Game Warden Academy Dec. 22, 1988. In Tarrant County, Wallace and his partners were among the first to enforce the newly enacted Boating While Intoxicated laws. Before long, BWI patrols were commonplace during peak times of water safety enforcement.

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